The 5 Best Virtual Reality Podcasts of All Time

What is it about VR that seems to enchant everyone? Why are so many talks about VR? Are you one of the people who want to know about VR technology? If you are, then you have come to the right place.

As you know, there’s a podcast for every theme. You can find podcasts from movie critics, radio shows, sports, and general news to some obscure niches. So why not VR? The public is slowly embracing the idea of having a digital universe where they can enter and do activities just like in the real world.

Why Podcasting about VR?

When VR is already promoting a digital world, why bother making a podcast about it? The thing is, many people still confuse Virtual Reality with Augmented reality. Podcasters aim to correct this perception and help everyone to realize that VR is not some far-away technology.

They do the research and talk with experts and enthusiasts in the field to share the latest news and opinion about Virtual Reality. After all, that’s what a podcast does. 

You can find hundreds if not thousands of podcasts out there. And it’s a task to find one to trust. For a podcast, popularity is only one part that matters. It’s about the material and consistency. You wouldn’t like a podcast where they only release random episodes once in a blue moon.

Top 5 VR Podcasts

So I have curated five VR podcasts for you. Each podcast is suitable for you who already have a lifelong interest in Virtual Reality technology or someone who only recently tried it out.

Each podcast episode is around an hour long. They are the perfect companion for your commute or when you’re cooking or doing things alone. Wherever you are, you will find these podcasts as helpful as a method to dive further into the VR world. Without further ado, I give you the top 5 VR podcasts.

Voices of VR Podcast

Hosted by: Kent Bye
Listen on: Apple Podcasts / Acast

As one of the oldest podcasts on VR, you can trust Voices of VR Podcast. With more than 11000 episodes and counting, this podcast proves how endless this topic is.

I suggest subscribing to and listening to this podcast from the start. But you’re free to plug into any episodes at random. Don’t let the numbers scare you. Each podcast episode is very informative and entertaining. This virtual reality podcast is perfect if you want to relax while learning about new stuff, especially VR-related.

FReality – VR Podcast

Hosted by: Rowdy VR, Nathie, Virtual Reality Oasis, Zimtok5
Listen on: Apple Podcasts / Spotify
Frequency: Podcast recorded live every other Saturday at 7 pm Europe, 6 pm UK, and 12 midday in Central US.

This monthly podcast always delivers information in its unique style. You can listen to the past episodes or tune in for a live streaming every Saturday at 7 pm Europe time or midday in Central US time. 

Keep in mind that each episode can last up to two hours. So if you’re looking for quick updates, this may not be the one. But I can assure you that this podcast has some of the most comprehensive coverage on Virtual reality and deep immersion tech. You will enjoy every minute and won’t notice the time as you start listening.

Full Dive Gaming: a Virtual Reality Podcast in VR

Listen on: Apple Podcasts / Spotify / Youtube Channel
Frequency: New episode Every Friday.

The first episode of this VR Podcast was in 2020. And they quickly gain subscribers after only a couple of episodes. Today, they consistently release weekly episodes. 

Each episode is only 40 minutes long, which is still within the average podcast length. What makes this podcast unique is how they set its segments. You can expect the same setup for each episode. They will start with the latest news and update in the VR world. Then they will give a short review of the games they’re playing and end the podcast with a discussion.

So if you’re looking for a podcast loaded with information, you shouldn’t look further. Full dive gaming VR podcast may have all that you need.

Metaverse, VR/AR & Web3 Podcast – Field of View

Hosted by: Daniel Colaianni and Nicola Rosa
Listen on: Apple Podcasts / Spotify
Frequency: Biweekly.

For you who prefer more educational background or more techy talk, then this can be your VR podcast. Supported by the Academy of International Extended Reality, this podcast also covers AR and its application in the real world.

Field of View VR is a biweekly podcast, meaning you only get two episodes each month. Even so, it’s one of the best VR podcasts of all time. Mainly due to the topic they cover in each episode.

For example, you can listen to the conversation with Matthieu Lorrain from the Google AR division. You can hear the tech giant’s view on the current VR status and how they are navigating through the trend.

They also have YouTuber Nathaniël de Jong aka Nathie from NathieVR as one of the guests. Nathaniël is one of the very few people who adopted immersive technology since the early stages and consistently shares educational and supportive content about the VR world. 

Ruff Talk VR

Hosted by: Dscruffles and Stratus2k1
Listen on: Apple Podcasts / Spotify
Frequency: Weekly.

Ruff Talk VR is focused on the Oculus gear and the games it supports, this podcast is clear about its target market. For the first episode, this virtual reality podcast talks about a tabletop game Oculus has, Demeo

The hosts are father and son, so don’t be surprised by how familiar they get while talking about VR games. Each episode also will feature an Oculus store on top of their main topic.

If you’re one of the proud adopters of Oculus gear but don’t know what game to play, you can start giving this podcast a go. It’s also worth noting how you can find this VR podcast on almost every platform. As they are also available on iHeart Radio, Castro, Google Podcasts, Podcast Addict, and Player FM and they also have a Youtube Channel

There are many good VR podcasts for you. But most of them were discontinued a couple of years ago or have random updates. Hence why this list only has five of the best virtual reality podcasts.

I understand everyone has a different listening habit. Some of you may prefer shorter episodes or want to listen on a specific platform. At any rate, one of these five VR podcasts will get your attention and earn your subscription. Go ahead and give them a try. You won’t regret spending your time listening to these virtual reality podcasts.

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